Solutions for the future


Inteligent Tracking OF Stuudents location.

Transport Managers and school administrators have various tasks including student safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation and optimization. The TrackSchoolBus solution for schools makes all of these tasks easier with intelligent management tools, communication and reporting facilities.

RFID based Attendance System.

Most educational institutions’ administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Truancies can affect student overall academic performance. The conventional method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence inefficient. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an interesting solution in such cases. RFID based attendance system is one of the solutions to address this problem.

SMS Nottifiation to Parents.

By sending daily attendance and various kinds of academic performance related messages, reminders via SMS on the regular basis. We've the active modules to notify parents via mobile app notifications. Push Notifications are sent by trained IT Executives of company deployed at school and can be sent 24X7 with proper track.

Student App for interaction.

Interactive solution to talk with teachers and school authorities . which helps more standardisation of school flow. This will be a key to hike the rank to best school.Good communication is key to parents staying informed about their child’s progress and will help them to overcome problems and achieve their life goals

Secure eye implimentation.

The Purpose CCTV Cameras Perform For A More Effective Security System. Closed circuit television, better known as CCTV, allows you to monitor your properties it the most convenient yet effective way. Parallely it can be broadcated to parents also.

Smart Class for Smart School's.

Anytime Access to The Expansive World of Online Information, Teachers can access online information from various educational articles, Digital Tools Help Students Understand The Topic Better will be be some of the advantages